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Project Services Division

Efficient Turn-Key Project Management: Talent House Project Support Department Ensures Seamless Execution from Engineering to Completion Through Strategic Resource Allocation.

What We Do

The Talent House Project Support Department manages turn-key projects with specialization, handling all aspects of engineering, procurement, and construction up to project completion. By consistently allocating resources into its workforce and apparatus

Talent House has a history of meeting the highest standards in completing difficult and demanding tasks.

In addition, we offer lift designs, calculations, drawings, and rigging studies. We have Saudi Aramco and third-party qualified operators and riggers (Level I, II, III), and we can provide round-the-clock on-call services.

The Talent House Project Support Department has worked hard to improve its organizational skills and technical expertise, which has enabled it to successfully finish increasingly challenging projects in its chosen Saudi Arabian markets of energy, infrastructure, and chemicals.

Certified lifting apparatus, including crawler and mobile cranes, full lifting attachments, and a skilled crew are all included in our package.

Our Services

Overhead Crane and Mobile Equipment Maintenance

    Break down Maintenance

  • Breakdown & repair service
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • 24 x 7, 365 days Service
  • Technical solution at shortest possible time for lifting equipment
  • Testing and Certification

  • We test and certify full range of lifting equipment up to 500 Ton.
  • Non-standard load tests are also engineered using Load Cells up to a range of 200 Ton.
  • To assist in our on-site operations, we have a full range of test weights and calibrated load measuring equipment.

    Planned Preventive Maintenance

  • During Inspection and Service of the equipment, detailed preventive maintenance report is prepared.
  • This has details of the condition of each part of the equipment which is sent to customer electronically. This assists in making a decision to Replace/Repair of the part
  • Load Rope, Sling and Lifting Accessories Certification

  • Load bearing item supplied with new equipment or the ones retrofitted as part of planned maintenance are supplied with test certificate.

Civil Engineering Works

  • Construction of Equipment Foundations, Pipe Rack Foundations, Pipe Support Foundations, Cable Trenches.
  • Various kinds of underground piping work, atch Basins, Manholes, Sump Pits, Reservoirs, Cooling Towers etc.
  • Chemical coating and painting, Fence work, asphalt work, concrete paving works etc
  • Industrial Buildings including electrical, HVAC, Fire Fighting, False Ceiling and False Flooring, Tiling, Plastering, Painting work etc.
  • All kind of Doors, Windows, Louvers,St. Steel works like constructions of Wire House, Compressor Shelter, Transformer Shelter, Pipe Rack, Equipment Support Structure etc.

Heavy Lifting and Haulage

  • We provide the engineered solution which is cost effective, latest and safe
  • Comprehensive fleet of basic rough terrain and State-of-the-art heavy lift cranes
  • Extensive inventory of well-maintained rigging hardware to accommodate customer needs.
  • All rigging hardware is certified and maintained by qualified personal
  • Our Major rigging hardware are
    • Spreader and Lift beams up to 600 Ton capacity.
    • Over 3,000 slings of various construction and lengths.
    • Shackles up to 600T.

Electro-Mechanical Works

  • We execute specialized turn-key projects, undertaking complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities.
  • Expertise has consistently delivered complex and challenging projects to the highest standards
    1. Our Services include

    2. Turn-Key Plant Expansion works.
    3. Steel fabrication & Process pipework.
    4. Decommissioning / Plant Demolition works.
    5. Plant and Machinery Installations.
    6. Laying HT and LT cables through both underground and above ground facilities.
    7. Erection of panel boards & electrical equipment.
    8. Termination of cables including splicing and gliding.


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