H . R . T A L E N T H O U S E


Talent House stands as a premier company in fortifying your workforce foundation, particularly in the realm of construction employment services since its establishment in 2019. With a track record of successfully placing hundreds of blue-collar construction workers across the Gulf and Middle East, we've garnered a robust clientele and unparalleled reputation among active construction firms. Our reach extends across key nations like Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the UAE, offering comprehensive geographical coverage.

Our expertise in recruitment allows us to tap into global talent pools, sourcing top architectural skills from diverse backgrounds. We facilitate the professional aspirations of local architects and engineers seeking international exposure and career growth in the construction industry. With a vast network of recruiters and industry connections, we excel in hiring skilled workers across all job categories and functions, encompassing both white-collar and blue-collar roles in structural design and civil engineering.

Our adept teams cover every facet of construction projects, from initial infrastructure planning and manual sketching to computer-aided design and finalization, as well as interior and exterior detailing, electrical and plumbing installations, masonry work, and construction or demolition activities.