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Electrical Maintenance Services

Empowering Electrical Infrastructure: Talent House Specializes in Maintenance Testing, Commissioning, and Diagnostic Services, Ensuring Optimal Performance, Safety, and Reliability Across Various Industries.

What We Do

The Division of Electrical Maintenance Testing and Commissioning Services has been offering diagnostic testing, condition monitoring, life evaluation, and preventive and breakdown maintenance services.

Large transformers, generators, MV motors, overhead lines, subterranean cables, MV switchgear, EHV GIS equipment, turbines (Gas & Steam), and VMS/CMS services to major clients like Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Marafiq, Ma'aden, and private utility companies are just a few examples of the equipment covered.

Maintaining staff awareness of new technology advancements is prioritized through technical workshops, seminars, OEM trainings, and safety trainings.

Our Services

Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Services

  • Field Sensing Instruments (Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature)
  • Field Actuating Instruments (Control Valve, MOV, SOY, PSV, etc.)
  • Marshalling & Vibration Monitoring System (Cabinet)
  • DCS, ESD, Servers Mesh Network, & Operator Console System
  • Cable Tray/Conduit, junction Boxes, Cables.
  • Plant Lighting System (Lighting, Panels & Transformers)
  • Analyzer
  • Fire and Gas detection system
  • Security system
  • DCS, ESD, Servers Mesh Network, & Operator Console System
  • Cable Tray/Conduit, junction Boxes, Cables.
  • Plant Lighting System (Lighting, Panels & Transformers)

Turn around instrument maintenance & troubleshooting services

  • Expertise Maintains Accuracy of your Process Instruments while reducing your OPEX Proper Maintenance (PM/CM) of Plant instruments
  • Experts from Expertise Contracting Company will support you by providing state of the art Maintenance service for your industrial instrumentation. This helps to minimize your OPEX and maximize Plant Production
  • We help you to implement effective maintenance and develop future­ oriented maintenance strategies

Electrical & instrument solution integration services

  • Expertise Electrical & Instrumentation Division leaves no room for impossibility with its unmatched strength in presenting personalized Solution Integration Services in Electrical & Instrumentation Field.
  • Expertise has proven its identity nationwide and beyond as a true pioneer providing extensive sets of flexible services.

Electrical & Instrumentation Resource Rental services

  • Our team includes qualified technical manpower like Engineers, Planners, QC Engineers, Supervisors, and technicians. Our Manpower has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemicals sector (for new start-ups and commissioning services), Turnarounds and ongoing Plant maintenance Works.
  • Our manpower includes professionals with extensive experience in process instrumentation, electrical, electronic, and inspection services.


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