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Facility management plays a critical role in maintaining operational effectiveness and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents in KSA. With Saudi Arabia seeing a boom in economic development across the board, there is an increasing demand for skilled facility management. To effectively satisfy this demand, businesses are increasingly turning to talent house, which offer a large pool of skilled professionals.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has experienced significant progress in a number of industries, including infrastructure, hospitality, healthcare, and commerce, thanks to the ambitious Vision 2030 plan. The rise in these kinds of initiatives has increased the demand for qualified facilities management employees. These experts are in charge of making sure everything runs well, upholding safety regulations, and making the most use of the resources available within buildings.

Using Talent House, a leading agency for maintenance and facilities recruitment, is a wise approach to address the challenges faced by the facility management industry when it comes to hiring staff. This company specializes in finding, selecting, and assigning skilled personnel to various industries. Companies that partner with talent house, which provide them with access to a vast candidate network, can expedite the hiring process.

Additionally, this company has enormous databases of knowledgeable individuals with a range of experiences. This makes it possible for companies to locate applicants that meet their unique needs, whether they are soft skills like customer service or technical expertise with HVAC systems. By choosing Talent House as a partner, you may hire more quickly because background checks, interviews, and prospect screening are outsourced. Companies are able to focus on their core strengths while still ensuring effective recruiting. Because it offers flexible labor options, businesses can adjust the size of their workforces to meet changing demand. This facilities and management company can manage a variety of needs, from hiring temporary workers for short-term projects to placing permanent employees in long-term positions.

Talent House has been providing facility management services in Saudi Arabia for several years. It is a leading manpower and outsourcing company that provides hiring, staffing, HR outsourcing, and recruiters for hire to companies all over the world. We provide thorough recruitment help, especially in the Middle East, from the start of the candidate search to the appointment.

As a leading manpower and outsourcing company, it provides staffing, recruiting, HR outsourcing, and recruiters for hire to clients worldwide. We provide all-inclusive job opportunities in Saudi Arabia, from the beginning of the candidate search to the appointment, with a focus on the Middle East.

Our Services

Offering facility management services

  • Needs Assessment: Identify client requirements and objectives.
  • Planning: Develop a customized facility management plan.
  • Talent Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Implementation: Execute planned activities and services
  • Monitoring: Regularly assess service delivery and performance.
  • Maintenance: Conduct routine inspections and repairs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Identify areas for enhancement and implement changes as needed.
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Reporting: Provide comprehensive reports on facility status and performance.
  • 24/7 Support

Unveiling the Art of Executive Search

Facility Management" refers to the specialized service of identifying, recruiting, and providing qualified personnel to fulfill various roles within the facility management sector. This service is essential for businesses and organizations that require skilled professionals to manage and maintain their facilities effectively. Here's a detailed description of facility management

We begin by conducting thorough consultations with our clients to understand their specific facility management requirements. Whether it's commercial buildings, residential complexes, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, or industrial sites, we tailor our sourcing efforts to match the unique needs of each client.

Our team performs detailed job analyses to define the roles and responsibilities within the facility management team. From facility managers and maintenance technicians to custodial staff and security personnel, we identify the key positions that need to be filled to ensure smooth operations and optimal facility performance.

Utilizing a combination of recruitment channels, including online job portals, industry networks, and our extensive database of candidates, we source and attract top talent for facility management roles. Our sourcing efforts are guided by our clients' specifications, industry best practices, and our commitment to finding the best fit for each position.

Facility Maintenance Service

Being an expertise in facilities management, Talent House proffers the best services to its clients making it one of the famed outsourcing and Recruitment Company in Riyadh. Our goal is to provide you with a maintenance and facilities solution that will improve the day-to-day operations of your workplace and reflect the image you want to project. We are committed to cost-effective centre management while providing a higher level of service to our clients.

As one of the leading facilities management companies in Saudi Arabia, we recognize that each customer has unique requirements. As a result, we make certain that we scale our service to the particular needs of our clients. Whether it is commercial, Industrial or corporate, we serve to a range of industries and provide excellent services to both our clients and candidates. If you're seeking for facilities and management businesses to keep your workplace clean and productive, our service is the one to go with.

A team of knowledgeable facilities management specialists can make the most of workspace even in a small space. Providing hard and soft facilities management services is our area of expertise. As part of our primary facilities mgmt services, we supply and maintain fire safety systems, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, lighting, and staff seating arrangements. Within the soft facility management services category, we provide project management, office relocation, parking, security, and cleaning services.

We provide services to a range of locations, including malls, hospitals, universities, and large and small workplaces that receive a variety of visitors within a set amount of time. In order to deliver the finest, our staff makes sure they can put all of their effort into making the individuals in their immediate vicinity comfortable by making the most of the entire space.

Receptionist Front Office Executive

As the well-known manpower outsourcing company, Talent House is big name that offers excellent receptionist services to both blue collar and white collar candidates. Apart from proffering employment service in sectors like driving, healthcare, mason, the company also specializes in Front Office and reception services as well and it is provided by industry- certified professionals who use cutting- edge technology to gain the customer’s satisfaction. Talent House is fortunate enough to have a staff of skilled and experienced executives who can guide candidates through the various procedures, ensuring a stress-free job search.

Elevator Operator

The purpose of elevators is to make life easier. Every building is different, and the routine upkeep needed for it also varies. Talent House is able to offer you all the services you require, from upkeep to operation. Our lift operators have a great deal of efficiency and mechanical knowledge. They may assist customers in the event that they find themselves in unplanned or dangerous situations, as they are knowledgeable with the proper operation of both commercial and residential lifts. They assist clients of all ability levels in loading and unloading from lifts throughout the year making it one of the best lift installation company in Saudi Arabia.

Talent House, as one of the top global placement service providers, is a prominent facility management near me that places a wide range of candidates. We have gained the distinction of global elevator maintenance companies and have achieved the status of being popular among others. With this level of achievement, we are capable of providing labour in a timely and hassle-free manner. Apart from the many services it provides, Talent House proffers its amenities of elevator operator as well. With highly qualified professionals, we provide candidates who have hands on experience with the lift servicing. They have deep knowledge about the dos and don’ts of elevator and can be of great service to many top-notch companies.

Our lift operators hold the knowledge, skills, and abilities

At Talent House, we exclusively provide outstanding and lift repair services near me. As a result, our staff has all the information, expertise, and capabilities needed to manage any kind of lift installation or operation. Our lift operators are highly skilled in employee relations and public relations. Working with the public is practically enjoyable for them. People who are self-motivated, mature, vivacious, and trustworthy are the ones we hire. They are capable of doing physical and manual tasks, have the capacity to reason and respond quickly and thoughtfully while remaining composed under pressure, and take pleasure in working outside in all types of weather.

We offer the best elevator maintenance services
We provide you with lift service maintenance in addition to elevator installation services. Like any other machine, elevators need ongoing technical support. Expert elevator repair, modernization, and any other residential elevator service you need are provided by our skilled specialists at Talent House. We are always available to help with both minor and significant repairs, as well as routine maintenance checks. We'll make sure your elevator is constantly operating at peak efficiency.

We not only provide you with lift operator services but its maintenance support as well. Elevators like every machine, require regular technical aid. Our talented technicians provide you with expert elevator maintenance, modernization, and any other residential elevator service you require. We are available for immediate assistance. We can call for our help anytime for any routine maintenance check and any major repairs too. We will make sure that your elevator is always in ideal working conditions.

Floor Restoration / Crystallzation

With professional concrete grinding floor Services in Saudi Arabia, you can improve the look of your floors. The hardness and abrasion resistance of your marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, and other natural stone floors can be enhanced by our highly skilled floor grinding and polishing specialists using state-of-the-art methods and specific chemicals. Say good-bye to scratches and hello to a smoother, tougher surface that gleams with renewed brilliance with our floor grinding services.

At Talent House, we are aware of how important floors are in defining the visual appeal of your room. Our expert floor cleaning and restoration services are intended to give your floors a fresh lease on life, leaving them shining and full of energy.

Our floor restoration services take a thorough approach to bringing back the beauty of your floors. Whether its terrazzo, granite, marble, or another kind of flooring, our knowledgeable & skilled staff is prepared to work with a variety of surfaces precisely. We make use of cutting-edge tools and environmental friendly procedures to guarantee that your floors get the attention they need.

Our goal is to provide the highest caliber floor crystallation services possible. Our team of skilled specialists provides our services with precision and passion, adhering to the well-developed methodology. We guarantee to offer those services at reasonable costs, according to the individual demands of the clients.


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