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In recent years, UAE has developed into a paradise for investors. Due to the economic changes implemented by governments, firms worldwide are becoming more and more interested in establishing a regional presence.

What We Do

HR International UAE has developed its business advice skills over the last 07+ years and has maintained strong leadership with the help of goal-oriented professionals. With our whole suite of business setup services in Dubai, we assist you in establishing your company in the United Arab Emirates from the very beginning to the very end.

It's quick and simple to start a business in Dubai. At HR International UAE, We help you set up an offshore, free zone, and domestic business. Offering knowledgeable guidance on company formation and registration in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is something the experts at our company have demonstrated time and time again. Our highly skilled business setup consultant in Dubai offers many business and company related services throughout the United Arab Emirates, in addition to helping with company setup in Dubai. Serving as a one-stop shop, we offer complete Dubai commercial registration for all needs of a new company or organization in the United Arab Emirates.

There is just one company that springs to mind for business setup if you are wanting to start or open a business setup in Dubai uae, mainland business setup, or free zone business setup with promising results. The best way to set up a business in Dubai is to work with us; we will walk you through every step of the procedure, from uae corporate registry to business bank account creation and PRO, etc.

Our Services

Manpower Outsourcing Supply

  • Talent Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Candidate Screening and Selection
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance and Legal Support
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Risk Management and Contingency Planning
  • Customized Solutions
  • Technology Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Value-added Services

Our team of consultants provides these services to numerous other elite companies as well as to some of the top commercial organizations in the world. This business setup consultants in Dubai are confident in their capacity to come up with original and imaginative business solutions for intrepid newcomers to the UAE, enabling them to get started quickly and expand from there. Establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates necessitates a significant amount of paperwork and adherence to regulations set forth by the authorities. As a result, we collaborate closely with all governmental agencies to carry out and supply all necessary information to keep businesses informed and offer services that facilitate business.

Founded in 2016, H.R. International UAE is a sister company of HR International, a reputable name in the field of UAE business registration. Additionally, we support and advise business owners to establish new entities in Dubai. As starting a business setup in Dubai uae is a lot of work, our company formation agents will assist you in comprehending the fundamental needs and legal processes. Dubai is one of the few locations that has drawn and captured numerous foreign corporate investors, and the numbers are steadily increasing with each passing year.

Our responsibility is to keep tabs on emerging business trajectories and help new business owners realize their dreams of success on a worldwide scale. Whether you are a first-time investor or have aspirations to launch a multibillion dollar company, Dubai is equipped with all the qualities required for business installation, and we will make the process as easy, transparent, and quick as possible.


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